A bad ABS in wheel hub bearing will affect the cars' safety

A bad ABS in wheel hub bearing will affect the cars' safety

ABS sensor is a part of wheel hub bearing in the Car’s wheel, it plays an important role in the total operation, the wheel speed sensor controls your anti-lock braking system. It keeps sending signals to the ABS control system, which could tell the car that how fast every wheel is running. In an emergency situation, the ABS control system will determine if anti-lock braking is required or not. If the ABS sensor is not a good quality or in bad condition it won't work properly, when the ABS system fails, the quality of this sensor(how it is made and protected from damage) will be very dangerous to braking safety, hub bearings from Hangzhou Liyi Bearing Co.,Ltd are all adopted high-quality and original sensors, it will ensure the safety of the ABS system, meanwhile it will lower the risk of problems, for example, the ABS in 51750-4H050 which used in Hyundai H1 2007, its gear ABS we adapt is from the original manufacturer.



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